Devi Ahilyabai Holkar

"God has entrusted the responsibility into me and I have to obey his orders. It is my duty to keep my people happy and secured.I am liable for the work done by me on the basis of my capacity and power and answerable to the God. Nothing is mine here. Everything belongs to the God and I have to return it. It is my liability and duty and I have to perform accordingly." Only God can utter such noble words as the emperor. But this was the comment of Ahilyabai who set high standards of kingdom for the benefit of people.

Ahilyabai was born in Chindi villege of Maharashtra in Malkoji Shinde's family on 31st May 1725. Malharrao saw this young girl and was impressed by her devotion to God and intelligence.He decided to marry her to his don Khanderao. Ahilyabai came to Maheshvar and started taking interest in administration,public works war tactics and economy. Khanderao died in early age. Malharrao advised Ahilyabai to face the challenges of life bravely. Unfortunately he also died soon . Ahilyabai had two children Bhalerao and Muktabai.After becoming king Bhalerao also expired in young age and the entire responsibility of the Holkar empire came on the shoulders of Ahilyabai.

She performed her duties as Queen for 29 years.She constructed ghats temples ,shelter places in mejor pilgrim centres all over the country. She recontructed Maheshvar city. Ahilya bai was very generous and used to provide donation to pilgrim travelling along Narmada river.After waking early in the morning her routine was to perform pooja and then to look after public charity work.Thats why she was known as Devi. She launched Maheshvari saree industry which gave fame to Maheshvar all over the world.This great and brave queen died on 13th Aug 1795.While visiting Palace one can understand the charity works done by her.The rajagaddi,place of worship,varios idols and golden jhoola are the memories left by her.An monument was constructed in het memory.A Shiva temple is also known as Ahilyeshwar Mahadev mandir .

Fort of Maheshwar

This fort is the best example of ancient Indian material construction,war tactics & defence policy. It provides security to 2 sq kms area and was built during 4th to 5th century.The present structure belongs to 17th to 18th century. Though it is in ruined state now but it's ....Read More

Temples in Maheshwar

Maheshwar is city of temples most of the temples are of lord Shiva. the most numbers of mahadev temples in maheshwar rename the city as "Gupt Kashi". Famous temples here in Maheshwar are Shri Rajrajeshwar mahadev, Kashi vishwanath, Ahilyeshwar mahadev , Jwaleshwar Mahadev, Baneshwar , kaleshwar, Saptmatrika , ....Read More

Palace ( Rajwada ) of Maheshwar

The palace and rajwada inside the fort is a must see place in Maheshwar. This area has the place from where Ahilyabai use to sit for administration and justice for all. On the rajgadi there is a sitting statue of Rajmata Ahilyabai Holkar. and a lot things of ....Read More

History and Mythology of Maheshwar

This city has its present significance & identity due to religious & generous nature and wisdom of Ahilyabai''s.She declared this holy city as capital,due to its glorious past.
Maheshvar was also famous for the great Pandit.Mandan Mishra and his wife Bharti devi.Jagatguru Shankaracharya defeated the couple in a ....Read More

Maheshwari Sarees

Maheshwar is a centre of handicraft workers since 5th century. Even today best quality handloom sarees are manufactured here. These have special identity and fame all over the world. This project was the result of Ahilyabai's foresightness. Rajmata laid down the foundation of this tiny industry. She brought ....Read More