Religious and historical tourist place : Maheshwar

Maheshwar is a 2500 years old historical city earlier known as Mahishmati. It is declared holy city by M.P. government. It had witnessed the efficient and judicial administration with religious faith and intelligence of Devi Ahilya bai Holkar. Maheshwar has clean and beautiful boats playing in holy river Narmada and many Ghats for bath.There are number of Shivslayas due to which it is named Gupta kashi. A grand palace and a 500 ft.high fort spread over 2.5 sq kam evolves the historical and strategic importance of this city.
Maheshwarar has its ancient history begining from Sahastrarjun & Mandan Mishra to AdiShankaracharya. It is the city Mahishmati described in Vayupuran, Narmadapuran, Skandpuran etc. Holkars ruled Malva province from Maheshwar as it's capital till 1818.17th century witnessed arrival of Hyderabadi, karnataka, and Gujrati Weavers and who launched Maheshvari saree. It became a major national brand. Maheshwar is a main centre of manufacturing and selling of these sarees.

History and Mythology of Maheshwar

This city has its present significance & identity due to religious & generous nature and wisdom of Ahilyabai''s.She declared this holy city as capital,due to its glorious past.
Maheshvar was also famous for the great Pandit.Mandan Mishra and his wife Bharti devi.Jagatguru Shankaracharya defeated the couple in a ....Read More

Temples in Maheshwar

Maheshwar is city of temples most of the temples are of lord Shiva. the most numbers of mahadev temples in maheshwar rename the city as "Gupt Kashi". Famous temples here in Maheshwar are Shri Rajrajeshwar mahadev, Kashi vishwanath, Ahilyeshwar mahadev , Jwaleshwar Mahadev, Baneshwar , kaleshwar, Saptmatrika , ....Read More

Fort of Maheshwar

This fort is the best example of ancient Indian material construction,war tactics & defence policy. It provides security to 2 sq kms area and was built during 4th to 5th century.The present structure belongs to 17th to 18th century. Though it is in ruined state now but it's ....Read More

Devi Ahilyabai Holkar

"God has entrusted the responsibility into me and I have to obey his orders. It is my duty to keep my people happy and secured.I am liable for the work done by me on the basis of my capacity and power and answerable to the God. Nothing is ....Read More

Palace ( Rajwada ) of Maheshwar

The palace and rajwada inside the fort is a must see place in Maheshwar. This area has the place from where Ahilyabai use to sit for administration and justice for all. On the rajgadi there is a sitting statue of Rajmata Ahilyabai Holkar. and a lot things of ....Read More

Maheshwari Sarees

Maheshwar is a centre of handicraft workers since 5th century. Even today best quality handloom sarees are manufactured here. These have special identity and fame all over the world. This project was the result of Ahilyabai's foresightness. Rajmata laid down the foundation of this tiny industry. She brought ....Read More

How to reach Maheshwar

Maheshwar is 40 kilometres away from district headquarter Khargone.and 90 KM from Indore city which is commercial capital of MP.
By Air : Nearest airport is Indore and named Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport.Distance is 100 Km approx. Indore is a well connected to all the airports, and has almost ....Read More