Ahilyeshwar Mahadev

Ahilyeshwar Mahadev mandir was made by holkars asa tribute to Ahilya bai Holkar. This temple was construccted in 34 years with a huge cast of that time about 1.5 crores rupees. and can be seen from distances.
The temple is a shivalay with great stone sculputures .  Pillers have statues of dashavtar of Hindu sanatan dharm Matsy, Varah, Kachhap, Vaman, Nrasingh, Parshuram, Ram, Krishna, Budhh, and Kalki avatars. 

Temples in Maheshwar

Maheshwar is city of temples most of the temples are of lord Shiva. the most numbers of mahadev temples in maheshwar rename the city as "Gupt Kashi". Famous temples here in Maheshwar are Shri Rajrajeshwar mahadev, Kashi vishwanath, Ahilyeshwar mahadev , Jwaleshwar Mahadev, Baneshwar , kaleshwar, Saptmatrika , ....Read More

Palace ( Rajwada ) of Maheshwar

The palace and rajwada inside the fort is a must see place in Maheshwar. This area has the place from where Ahilyabai use to sit for administration and justice for all. On the rajgadi there is a sitting statue of Rajmata Ahilyabai Holkar. and a lot things of ....Read More

Rehwa Society, Maheshwar.

Rehwa Society was founded in 1979 , Rehwa Society is a non profit organisation working for the welfare of weavers of maheshwar

Contact information
Rehwa Society
Ahilya Fort
Maheshwar (M.P.)
Pincode 451 224
Phone: +918120001388
Registration No. 6421 Dt. 27-3-78

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Devi Ahilyabai Holkar

"God has entrusted the responsibility into me and I have to obey his orders. It is my duty to keep my people happy and secured.I am liable for the work done by me on the basis of my capacity and power and answerable to the God. Nothing is ....Read More